Ursynów Centre is one of the largest malls in the Ursynów district. One of the biggest advanatages of our Centre is localization on the main thoroughfares. It encourages not only local residents to visit us, but also the residents of the surrounding area.


Ursynów Center consists of several parts. The main building is a shopping mall with a supermarket Auchan, DIY store OBI and fabulous playground Euro Leader.

The second part is a building which includes shops: GO Sport, Komfort and RTV EURO AGD and a fitness club Calypso which offers mini-kindergarten to allow parents to actively spend time in the gym.

In addition, there is located car service Norauto with Vehicle Inspection Station at the car park.


Why visit us?

We are easily available both for those of you who travel by public
transport, as well as for those using the car.

In our Centre, you will find your favorite brands. The variety of industries will enable you to buy everything your family needs in one place. We invite you both for shopping, as well as to use the services of laundry or car service.

Ursynów Centre is a family friendly place. At the car park you can find family spaces which provide easy access to the center for families with children.


There is also special baby room available for the parents. Children also have the opportunity to play in one of the largest playgrounds in Warsaw which is full of fairy tales and fantasy.

Our shopping center is also friendly for the disabled. The main entrances are wide, with no thresholds and stairs, and there are several specially marked parking places in the vicinity of entrances

Ursynów Centre is one of these places where you forget about the hustle and bustle of the big city.